SUMMER PROGRAM AT University of Technology Auditorium


July 2 –27, 2018


Learn chess from the top National Masters 

Experience blindfold and simultaneous exhibitions!

Participate in activities such as swimming, football, basketball,cricket, music, origami, Robotics and trips to industries *

Other special activities such as Science activities, Computer activities, movie days, Teen Party Fridays, Trips, Video games, Magic Shows and more!

Special teen activity: Rap sessions with professionals from various industries.

Play in our fast paced blitz and bughouse tournaments

Who should participate?

Open to chess and non-chess players alike
Children Camp – 12 & Under
Teen Camp       - 12- 17 yrs.



The staff includes the following:

NM Geoffrey Byfield (President and founder)

  • National Master and President of the Liguanea Chess Club, Former Jamaica Open Champion and has represented Jamaica in Greece; also, in The World Youth tournament in Chicago.


Odane Hall (Head Coach)

  • Very experienced coach who has worked at Hillel Academy, Emmanuel Christian Academy(ECA), American International School of Kingston (AISK), Mona Prep and Reach Academy. Odane has had significant success in the development of internationally successful players like David Thomas and Cameron Coe.


Carol Crosbie Reid (Administrator)

  • Very experienced in teaching very young children. Coaches at ECA, Mona Preparatory, and Hillel Preparatory.


Remone Johnson (Coach)

  • Coaches at AISK, Reach Academy, ECA, Mona Preparatory and Hillel Academy.

Haas very good working relationship with children.


De Mario Nash (Coach)

  • Significant experience in coaching in schools in St. Catherine (Charlemont High, Bread of Life Preparatory, Little People Preparatory, Ewarton Primary)

Additional temporary staff

  • For sports and activities.


What is included?

  • Chess sessions for beginners to masters
  • Blitz and bughouse tournaments
  • Computer Activities
  • Sports (football, swimming, basketball, cricket, badminton)
  • Music, origami, trips to industries and places of scientific interests.
  • Blindfold and simultaneous exhibitions
  • Teen Rap Sessions and Party Fridays


Typical Day


9:00 – 9:15


9:15 – 10:45

Main chess sessions

10:45 – 12:00

Sport / activity options

12:00 – 1:00


1:00 – 2:00

Sport/Activity options

2:00 – 3:00

Sport/Activity options




The first Chess session is mandatory. After that in each session campers can choose activities from several options. Campers can either focus on a given number of activities or choose instead to be exposed to most or all of them.

Some details on the sessions are as follows:


  • Chess (A)

An introduction to the exciting world of chess! Students will learn basic opening, middle game, and endgame strategies and how to achieve a proper coordination of pieces. Chess notation will be taught in order to review games. Instruction will establish an appropriate balance between lecture, discussion and structured play. Chess sets and boards are provided for daily practice. Remember, chess makes your smart!

  • Chess (B)

These sessions are suitable for children who have already acquired a working knowledge. The course will focus on methods of attack and defense, on long term strategic planning as well as chess tactics and combinations. Chess set and board are provided for daily practice. Classroom lectures emphasize the elements of logical thinking through a series of chess puzzles.


  • Science

Ever wondered how certain things around us happen? What about reactions of the explosive nature? What’s this thing about sodium and nitrogen and funny words like that? Well kids will explore the wonderful world of science in two forms. They will do ‘in-house’ experiments and TRIPS to various scientific institutions. Every week there will be at least one such activity.

  • Computer

In an ever-changing world of technology, one simply must have a working knowledge of the computer! Children will learn fun programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Plus they’ll leave with skills like typing and see how filming movies are done.

  • Magic Shows

Appear, disappear, alakazzaam and abracadabra! What is more fun than seeing a magician wielding his magic wand and mystic things happen? Maybe chess… but a magician will be at the camp at a specific time period doing all those amazing tricks!


  • Video Games

Exciting video game tournaments with Playstation II and other game systems! You can even bring your own games…

  • Teen Party Fridays

Vibes party fun on every Friday after Camp! The latest dance moves and hits!

  • Rap sessions

This is a special teen activity! Once per week an industry professional or lecturer will host a rap session geared towards improving the mind and knowledge of the children. They will speak on various issues such as socializing, careers, religions, finance, scholarships and other teen topics!

  • Sports

Of course everyday there will be sports! Wide varieties too: like Basketball, football, cricket and swimming.



$10,000 per week
Payment may be made online to National Commercial Bank account # 401-020-268, account name: Liguanea Chess Club, branch university of the West Indies. Please email payment information with registration form to

There is a 5% discount for families of 2 or more and 5% discount for payment a month in advance. Ask for a group discount if you have any group of three or more children.



Lunch can be obtained at the tuck shops or canteen on the compound. Children can also bring lunch if they wish.



Please indicate on the registration form, any medical concerns of which you believe we ought to be aware. Please leave an emergency contact for the parent(s). Emergency medical services will be provided by the University of Technology Health Centre.


Registration / Questions / Reminders

Contact the Liguanea Chess Club for more information at 857-5494, 353-4096, 542-5190
Liberty Academy
32 Hope Road
Kingston 10

Visit our web site:
*The number and types of activities can be changed based on the total number of campers and their interest or because of justifiable cause.
Additional charge of $1000 for each trip.


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At What level Has your child been playing Chess?:

What other activities is your child interested in?:

Please list any medical information we should know about your child






By submitting this registration form I declare that I .

have given permission for my child
To become a member of The Liguanea Chess Club’s Summer Camp. I also promise to support him/her in anyway that will ensure their advancement in this Summer Camp. I give permission for Liguanea Chess Club to seek medical attention in the event of emergency. Liguanea Chess Club and the University of Technology is not liable for damage or loss of items brought to the camp.







For additional information:,, Liguanea Chess Club facebook page, 857-5494, 353-4096
Geoffrey Byfield
BSc. Chemistry and Mathematics - U.W.I.
Post graduate diploma in Management -U.W.I.
Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Utech
National Chess Master – Jamaica Chess Federation
President Liguanea Chess Club and Camp director

“Giving you the intellectual edge”