Summer Program


The Camp, which costs $10,000 weekly , wll be available for advanced, intermediate and beginner chess players. The Camp starts on Juy 2, 2018 at 9 am and runs for 5 days from Monday to Friday and closes on July 27, 2018

For additional information, contact,, Liguanea Chess Club facebook page, or call 857-5494, 353-4096

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Weekend Program

Meetings take place every Saturday and Sunday at 10am at the Liberty Academy on 32 Hope Road.

The Regular Chess Club Program is designed for the following groups of children:

1. Those who want to develop their intellectual skills so they can do better in school and also do better at solving every day problems.

2. Those who want to learn the game or to improve and play at a professional level.

3. Those who just want to have fun playing the game. Children are grouped according to age and ability. . Children are allowed to develop at their own pace. They are encouraged not to be complacent because of any feeling of superiority, or feel discouraged by any feeling of inferiority. Children are also encouraged to be sensitive to each other's weaknesses and seek to help each other when they can.


Chess in Schools Program

The objective of the Chess in Schools Program is to get as many children as possible to play the game, therefore increasing the rate of Intellectual Development. This is supported by the fact that scientific researches have been done which prove that chess has a significant positive impact on children's development which improves thinking skills, concentration, memory, reading and social skills.

The program devised, involves:
1. The training two students and two teachers for leadership of the club.
2. The Monitoring of the program in schools for one year.
3. The provision of two chess sets and two books for each school (Scotia Bank sponsored)


Overseas Program

Liguanea Chess Club organizes trips to overseas tournaments. These tournaments serve the following purposes:

1. To give the strong player a chance to make an international impact.
2. To expose and motivate the talented beginner.
3. To expose the players to diverse cultural backgrounds which augur for their social development.

The tournaments that we attend are carefully selected to achieve these objectives.